Enhance clients’ security posture by our security services

As more security incidents, malware attacks happen on its IT equipment, Corporate needs to protect the environment no matter it is on-premises, in the Cloud or on mobile devices. eWalker Consultants with Cloud, Mobile Security knowledge, Penetration Testing skills, Security Monitoring capability and Digital Forensics experiences can accompany you to walk securely in the CyberSpace.

Leadership team

Our experienced IT Security consultants, Dr. Ricci IEONG (PhD, M.Phil, MAArbDR, BSc), Pike Wong (BEng, MSc), Kenneth TSE (BEng, MPhil) and their team can assist you in shaping your secure environment.

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We develop software for different platforms including Windows, Linux and Mac. Our proposed products include Log Forensics solutions, Live Forensics solutions, Security Vulnerability Management, Security Monitoring Solutions, etc.

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